Sunday, 26 November 2017

The Possum Problem

Millions and Millions of possums are found almost everywhere in New Zealand. They can be found in parks, farms or even in your own garden! During the day, they day they stay in their dry hidden dens, somewhere where they won’t be disturbed. First introduced by European settlers, they have been regularly hunted or been used as entertainment as they are considered pests.  They eat fruits and flowers that our native creatures need to survive.  They also eat leaves off trees that eventually eventually leads to the tree dying.  Possums also kill native animals too. The regional council and department of conservation are working together to decrease the population of possums.  Ways that people get rid of them are trapping them using poison & shooting them.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Possum Problem

The Possum Problem

L.I - Take notes/ identify/ information/ summarise in own words

Possums are found nearly every where across Aotearoa. European settlers believed that bringing possums to New Zealand would make a good hunting source but what they thought was a good idea had took a turn for the worst. Possums usually stay in their dens during the day but then come out at night. They can be found in parks, farms, bush and even your own garden.

Possums eat flowers and fruits which our native animals need for survival. They also eat leaves can kill our trees. Animals are being killed because of possums such as native animals. Possums fill 90% of New Zealand although they are very hard to find as they come out at night and are usually camouflaged. Their large eyes and ears help them to hear other creatures and to see in such dark conditions.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Chinese Language Week

Skye and Fiona
Why do we need it                                           
Part of the reason for Chinese language week is to strengthen the relationship between China and New Zealand.  It helps New Zealanders become more familiar
with Chinese and their Culture

What will the week involve?
During Chinese Language week programmes and local events take place to build the knowledge of the Chinese culture, such as Chinese cultural performances, art exhibitions, language lessons on public broadcasters, language seminars, library corners, essay competitions and training courses.

When did it start?
New Zealand Chinese Language week was officially launched by Raymond Huo as a Member of Parliament on 24 May 2014 at the National Conference of the New Zealand China Friendship Society.

5 Days 5 Phrases Challenge

Dawn - There is no chinese language week in China but we can pass out  red packets filled with money to family members.
Anthony - My Family and I feast on traditional food.
Haoran - We usually have a huge feast to Celebrate.

Ways We Think Chinese Language Week Can be Celebrated

  1. Eat their traditional food
  2. Practise the Language
  3. Join programmes and events
  4. Try to expand your knowledge on the Chinese culture
Participate and make you're own performance to celebrate the culture, you could try 舞龙 (Wǔ lóng) (dragon dance)

The Ice

The Ice

It glances over the ocean waiting patiently for the next arrival as the pillars act as a platform for the blanket of rigid ice. An entrance greets you, trying to lure you in.  Columns of ice stare blankly at the chilling water.  Portions of ice are swallowed by the mouths of waves, captured and carried to the abyss beyond.  Its acts as a gateway hiding the unknown.  Shades of blue combine to create the masterpiece shown.  But curiosity may linger in your stomach as what may lay behind that wall.

Thursday, 28 September 2017


We chose a picture and gave the art a 3 d aspect as well as dye and other afffects


Letters piled up like a busy man's paperwork. All sent by the same person. Everytime I dropped off the mail there, I felt nails being hammered into my stomach.  It was almost like I was being forced to enter the unknown. Blood-curdling trees wrapped the house like a band aid. I ventured into Spindled forest to deliver what seemed like another innocent letter.  The envelope acted as a cage to cover the dangers that lay within. My curiosity would only land me in a deep hole with no way out.

But that trip was like no other. The stiff air struggled to enter my body while I
walked across the besmeared path. My heart seemed to beat faster with every step taken.  Voices in my head declared that I go in. I thought otherwise. Stories go on for miles about this place and one thing that they all have in common is “he lived there.” After 8 months of owning his new house, his sudden disappearance left locals restless. Some say he got himself into it but others say Tessa is to blame. Some say he still lives there and all is a myth but I was willing to take my chances. Every time I would enter the forest, words would play in my head. I gazed at the house, thinking to intruse. My mind flooded with decisions.

My knuckles stung while I knocked on the frayed door.  I waited and waited but… nothing. I tried again. With every thud, my heart would sink further and further down my stomach. A whisper flies through “He’s gone.” I looked through the window at the sight of a young girl whimpering on the couch. she looks at me in a strange manner.  She wipes the dripping tears and gradually opens the door.

“ Just take me already.” I gazed at her and asked “What’s wrong.” her words were tied in a not and all that was voiced was wails.  “ I know you're here for me, i’m not going to run. I have had enough of that.” I stared in disbelief. What had happen to make her so frightened of me. I tell her i'm no threat but she doesn’t believe me. I show her the proof and she gives me a suspicious look .

I convinced her to tell me about Andrew and who was hunting her. She told me a bunch of men had intruded and took her dad, Andrew, and her older brother, David. She told me the letters that were being sent each day were countdowns of the days before they will turn my brother and my Father into slaves and punish them for keeping the book.

We opened the letters together and in a blood coloured pen was written, “Send the book and we will release you dad, Once you have sent it come to 12 toddaw street to collect your brother. If you do not proceed to do these things they will both be kept hostage.”

I told her we have to get them. “I would do anything to find that book.”  Her father had hid it and told them it was dangerous. After Hours of looking we found a broken floor board and underneath it was the book.We sent it and i went home.

The next day she got another letter. All it said was, ‘your dad is released, are you brave enough to get your brother.’ I grabbed my old bike and we took off like a race car. Crazy right. One of the reasons I helped her was because I couldn’t imagine losing my dad or my brother let alone both.

While we were biking we saw a 2 people covered in blood running across the footpath. “That’s him, that’s my dad.” She ran off her bike and hugged them, she let out a little sob.  She thanked me and told me to go home and get some rest.

And from that day on I still don't know what that book held but all I care is that I brought a family back together. What more could you ask for?

Reflection: I think I did well at using language features around the start.
Next step: Use more language features around the end of the story